Within hours of beginning talks with the opposition, the Nicolas Maduro regime threatened to leave with Carlos Vecchio at the negotiating table.

Carlos Vecchio (REUTERS / Al Drago)

Carlos Vecchio, Ambassador to the Interim Government of Juan Guido in the United States, Nicolas Maduro arrived in Mexico to take part in the negotiating table with the regime.

This caused representatives of the dictatorship Threatening to leave the crowdAccording to sources close to the Venezuelan diplomat and journalist Bloomberg Alex Vasquez.

“Tensions are high because Carlos Vecchio was on the opposition delegation for a new round of talks in Mexico. Maduro’s representatives are refusing to sit with him today, but opposition parties are urging him to stay at the table.“, The spokesman said through his Twitter account.

Tweet by Alex Vasquez
Tweet by Alex Vasquez

The meeting, mediated by Norway, will be held in Mexico, After a failed attempt in Barbados in 2019. A year ago, there was another in the Dominican Republic led by former Spanish President Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.

In a statement, the Mexican Foreign Ministry said this Friday afternoon:Initiation of the negotiation and dialogue process in Venezuela”.

At the request of the parties concerned, he explained. Strict hygiene and safety protocols will be followed Among the media representatives attending the conversation due to the epidemic. In addition, he recalled that he would be forced to wear personal protective equipment (masks) to enter the meeting place.

Representatives of the opposition and the Maduro regime sitting at the table

Opposition parties are:

Stalin Gonzalez, A former deputy and opposition spokesman on the Onlo-Barbados dialogue processes from the An Nuevo Timbo organization.

Thomas GuanibaGeneral Secretary of Primaro Justice. It will be the voice of Henrique Gabrielle, the leader of that party. He is also the ambassador to the interim government in Colombia.

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Gerardo BlytheConstitutional lawyer, former mayor and former deputy. It has a fluid dialogue with the Maduro government.

Father of Luis Emilio Rondon, From a new time.

Mariela Magallanes, La Gaussa r.

– Luis Achilles Moreno, National Under-Secretary-General for Democratic Affairs

– Roberto Enrique, Chairman of COPEI

– Claudia Nikon

By rule:

George Rodriguez, President of the National Assembly elected in 2020, former Vice President of the Executive Branch, former Mayor of Caracas and former Chairman of the National Electoral Council, with a degree in Psychiatry.

Hector Rodriguez, Governor of the Central State of Miranda, former Minister of Sports and Youth under the administration of Maduro, 39 years old.

Nicolas Maduro GeraViceroy (son of Nicolas Maduro Moros).

The six protagonists in the dialogue table are: (top, left to right) opponents Thomas Guaniba, Stalin Gonzalez and Gerardo Blythe;  (Below) Savistas Hector Rodriguez, George Rodriguez and Nicholas Maduro Gera
The six protagonists in the dialogue table are: (top, left to right) opponents Thomas Guaniba, Stalin Gonzalez and Gerardo Blythe; (Below) Savistas Hector Rodriguez, George Rodriguez and Nicholas Maduro Gera

International actors

The Kingdom of Norway He played a very important role in the conversational process that began in Mexico. His delegation visited Venezuela for at least eight months.Pendulum gridMeetings with parties in conflict, to bring the situation closer together and, finally, to specify possible agendas, deadlines and locations for negotiations.

Russia and the European Union are actively engaged in negotiations. The foreign ministry of Vladimir Putin’s government will be in talks this week. “Effective international assistance“Even though he says the Venezuelan people need to solve their problems.

U.S. spokesmen “reaffirmed”emergency“The conversation has been going on in Venezuela for at least two months, but it has not been announced that it will be actively involved in the process starting in Mexico. Your Secretary of State, Anthony Blink, Held high-level meetings at the Vatican last June, including a 40-minute meeting with Pope Francis, where he reiterated Washington’s support for Venezuela’s democratic return.

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The Venezuelan opposition demands two main features. The first requirement is a discussion Schedule of “free and fair” elections According to Juan Quito, the president and members of the National Assembly will be included. The second Massive and diligent arrival of humanitarian aid and COVID-19 vaccines To Venezuela. There is a third point worldwide, which considers the need to be there. “Democratic guarantees”. That request includes Release of at least 268 political prisoners In the prisons of that country, Return of Deportees And an installationIntermediate Justice”.

Maduro, for his part, has been added to Mexico’s agenda Four points Initials First The Total removal of sanctions Imposed against their government agencies and authorities by countries and constituencies of countries such as the United States, Canada and the European Union.

Then request Accreditation for all companies in Venezuela, His president, the National Assembly and the Supreme Court, elected in 2020, are not considered legal in much of the international community, especially in the United States and Europe.

Also, for this “Withdrawal of assetsSome Venezuelan governments and global financial institutions are frozen abroad. Maduro often mentions the “sorting” of several dozen tons of gold from the country’s international reserves in the Bank of England.

In recent weeks, Maduro has emphasized a fourth point: All opposition parties will take part in the dialogue.


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