The Kremlin is coming back to restore the Cuban dictatorship: it sent another aid ship

Arrival of a Russian plane to Havana (Russian Embassy in Cuba / REmbRusCuba / Archive)

A plane with humanitarian assistance from Russia arrived in Cuba this Thursday, Second within a month The supply shortage will go away The island is suffering among the worst waves of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Export 41.5 tons of food Received at the International Airport in Havana by the Vice President of the Island. Salvador Valdes MesaAnd Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, Alvaro Lopez Miara, As announced by the state agency Latin Press.

This is the second donation by the Russian government to the island for the first time, with 88 tons of food, personal protective equipment and more than a million masks. Came on July 26th.

Cuba and Russia encouraged their bilateral relationship to re-establish the close cooperation they had before the disappearance of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991.

Both countries have subscribed in recent years New Economic Cooperation Agreements Y In 2014, 90% of the debt contracted by the island of Russia was canceled and valued at $ 35.3 billion.

Youth group chants against Cuban dictatorship in Havana (REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini / Archive)
Youth group chants against Cuban dictatorship in Havana (REUTERS / Alexandre Meneghini / Archive)

In recent weeks, solidarity organizations from Mexico, Bolivia, China, Venezuela, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Canada and the United States have helped bring food, equipment and medical supplies to the Caribbean island to alleviate the complex epidemic situation.

These aids will come when Cuba is affected Economic crisis and severe shortages Basic goods and medicines, now degraded by Govt-19, created the growing ill health that erupted on July 11 in the island’s series of civilian struggles.

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The peak of Covit-19 affecting Cuba is currently the number one case in Latin America with more than 8,000 to 9,000 daily infections, a high number of deaths and at this time more than 44,000 active patients admitted to their health centers and their own homes.

Experts point to the causes of the eruption as “epidemic fatigue”, resulting in a decrease in risk sensitivity, a cycle of new changes with increased traffic such as crowds on the streets or delta as a result of food shortages.

(With information from EFE)


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