“With the opening of the INCAA space in Rocca, there is a great cinema show,” they confirm

In this they were From Radio RN (105.7 in Roca and 90.9 in Neuquén) speak with Lara DeCozy about the agreement between INCAA and the municipality of Rocca to get «INCA space», Which opened last Saturday with the screening of the movie “Lunatics” by Martín Salinas.

“Everything was fine. Sometimes announcing the signing of the agreement seems ridiculous, but in this case it represents the formalization of a business for many years. Sometimes Helps get a piece of paper. Finally we will have our own space to work with the cinema In the first place,” Dikutsi said.

“INCAA provides you with the equipment and the possibility to show the national cinema that takes place twice a week. in the city An interesting cinematic show has begun, combining the most commercial films Cine Rex, Cineclub TYÖ More author and INCAA space for national cinema.

“Until now You can’t go see a national cinema almost anywherewas most commonly waiting to be released on the platforms. Admission $100. They are projections of the highest technical quality. The fact that It is an invitation to see good cinema, national cinema and with perfect quality,” explained Dikutsi About what you can enjoy in the new room that was shown for the first time at Roca.

Listen to the interview with Lara Decuzzi on RN Radio “In that We are”.

Set RN RADIO. listen to us FM 90.9 from Neuquén, by FM 105.7 from Rocaby rionegro.com.ar/radio or via our app.

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