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Announcing the hiring of Javier Báez with Detroit Tigers took many in the MLB by surprise.

He signed a six-year, $ 140 million contract with the Puerto Rican shortstop before being locked out of the Major League, and will now team up with Venezuelan star Miguel Cabrera.

The debate over whether his visit will be a key factor in turning Detroit back into a competitive team is compounded by another debate.

Nothing is clear for now, and even journalists have not dared to say what the order to occupy Pace and Cabrera should be in the order of manager AJ Hing.

Although Jonathan Scoop is believed to be first, Pace third and Cabrera fourth, the lifetime numbers of the two Latin stars suggest a change.

In his eight years in the Majors, Pace is third in the batting order with 265 / .306 / 471 attack line, 19 home runs and 60 RBIs. Those numbers were .275 / .319 / .537, 41 home runs and 115 RBIs when he improved on the fourth hit.

For his part, Cabrera, playing his 20th season in the Majors, averaged .307 / .386 / .528, 282 home runs and 985 RBIs in the third and .320 / .396 / .548, 187 home runs and 673 RBI in the fourth bout. .

The truth is, having Puerto Rican lined up will help Cabrera find better pitches and give a new face to Detroit’s offensive product.

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