Mexico will not send any delegates to Ortega’s inauguration ceremony

Second diplomatic setback for Ortega: Sources in Mexico’s Foreign Ministry confirmed this Sunday night that the country will not send any government representative to the fourth inauguration ceremony following this Monday, January 10th. Argentina was the first country to announce that it would not send a delegation.

Evidence initially suggested that Martin Borgo Lorende, the South American director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), would represent a lower diplomatic status, not a foreign minister like Rosario Murillo. Announced. However, the chancellor later confirmed that he would not be coming either.

“No official will attend the inauguration of Daniel Ortega,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry told the media. According to official information, this is due to the meeting of ambassadors and embassies to be held in 2022.

This information was confirmed by the head of the office of the Secretary of State of Mexico Daniel Millan through his Twitter account. “It is not planned to send representatives or representatives of the SRE to the protest in Nicaragua,” he said.

Rosario Murillo announced that Mexico was one of the countries that confirmed their participation in the event. The announcement drew international condemnation and hundreds of people took to social networking site Twitter to write a letter to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lpez Obrador condemning the decision to send a delegation.

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LA PRENSA, the country’s ambassador to Managua, told Daniel Capitanich that the other country that is said to be sending a delegation is Argentina. But the Argentine media announced that the delegation would not be sent and that only the ambassador to that country would attend.

No president has yet been confirmed at the inauguration of the presidential pair, but Ortega is expected to accompany Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Countries announcing sending missions: China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, always allies.

“At the level of Foreign Ministers”

Vice President Rosario Murillo announced that besides Bolivia, Palestine and the Arab republics, Mexico and Argentina would send representatives to “represent at the level of foreign ministers”, but not these countries.

Other countries sending delegations: Belarus, Bolivia, Turkey and Vietnam, Murillo announced on Friday.

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It is reported that Cuba will send Prime Minister Manuel Marro on behalf of President Miguel Diaz-Connell, and that Bolivia will be attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Erwin Mamani Machaka and President Louis Ars. This is the first time that any Central American ruler has attended Ortega’s fifth inauguration on January 10, 2027, a period that culminates in his 82nd birthday.

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