Plaza of the Disappeared will be a space for reflection

The group of people from various social sectors and the organized popular movement that makes up the Social Platform for Human Rights, Memory and Democracy launches a campaign to convert the Plaza de los Desaparecidos, located next to the Government Palace, into a space to rebuild the memory and encourage reflection on which country you want. Furthermore, given the realization that “stronismo, as an ideology, never fell”, according to the words of Dr. Rogelio Goiburú, director of Historical Memory and Reparation, one of those involved in the desire to make that square a point where gather diverse actors to discuss the setbacks in the country, 33 years after the overthrow of General Alfredo Stroessner (1954-1989).

“The political class that has been ruling us for 33 years is the one that emerged from stronismo. It comes from that practice by which they promise things that are never fulfilled, and all they do is take advantage of the position to fill their pockets and ensure the future of their families and friends ”, says, who has been carrying out for several years the search for the victims of the dictatorship who are still missing to this day.

“We continue to insist, among other things, on the search for the disappeared. For this reason, that Plaza of the Disappeared, next to the Government Palace, is symbolic. It has to be revalued and permanently occupied by people who are thinking of a better country. In that famous dream country that we always refer to ”, he says.

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Furthermore, he argues, when the stronista culture “is very strongly rooted in our society, it is the one that remains, and it is necessary to discuss it.” That should be the space, he says, to come together and remember. Mainly on dates like February 2 and 3, when the overthrow of Stroessner is remembered, the Day of Remembrance of the Disappeared, Human Rights Day and others.

It is important that it is known that searching for the disappeared allows us to look at the bottom of the question “where we can see all the anti-values ​​that the military dictatorship sowed,” he says.

Democracy. Three decades after “the expulsion of Stroessner from power, for his golden exile in Brazil”, for Dr. Goiburú “this is not the model of democracy for which so many compatriots gave their lives during 35 years of State terrorism. We Paraguayans do not deserve to live as we are ”.

He considers that the model of democracy has to be built between all of us. And of how much progress has been made or gone backwards, not only the State must make a mea culpa, but also civil society, which, according to him, “is asleep.” That is why there is no debate.

“The democracy that we deserve is one that should serve to solve the problems of the majority of our people. Today, this majority suffers, for lack of land, education, work; suffers impunity, corruption, fear. All these are evils that we have suffered and dragged from the dictatorship ”, he highlights.

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These are the issues that must be discussed, discussed and solved.

In Goiburú’s opinion, there is a setback in the matter of human rights. Proof of this are “the violent evictions against our native peoples. That the State evicts them from those lands, does not have a name, and that on top of that there is no conscientious and supportive citizenship to accompany them and reverse this situation. This means that we are in very bad shape as a society ”, he laments.

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