William Levy's daughter, in love? Post a photo with the guy and a declaration of love

The past few days have not been very pleasant Kylie Levy. Her parents' difficult situation after the break-up and posted a video of her and her mother, Elizabeth GutierrezThe presence of the police in the family home is painful for the teenager.

However, amidst all this complexity, the youngest of the house was seen surrounded by love and affection. That's what she showed in a tender photo with someone very special to her.

Although he didn't exactly clarify whether he was her boyfriend or friend, the young man posted another cute picture of the two of them and a special message on his Instagram stories.

Kylie Levy, love?

IG/Kaiely LevyIG/Elizabeth G.

“I love you!” wrote the daughter William Levy To Anthony, he, for his part, dedicated something very nice to him on the same stage.

“2 months,” the young man captioned a snapshot of the two smiling with hearts on fire next to him.

Kylie Levy.

IG/Kaylee Levy

Kylie Levy.

IG/Anthony Lyman

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Although these are troubled days, the young lady has a lot of love around her and shows it with this loving snapshot where smiles are the main protagonist.

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