Information from the Central Bank of Cuba regarding bank transfers to the island

Find out how to make international bank transfers to Cuba. Learn about the necessary data, associated fees, and recommendations issued by the Central Bank of Cuba.

Making international bank transfers can be a complicated process, especially when it comes to countries with specific financial systems, as is the case with Cuba.

To make a successful bank transfer to the island, it is necessary to have accurate and detailed information about both the beneficiary in Cuba and the correspondent bank abroad.

The Central Bank of Cuba (BCC) provides basic guidance through communications that are usually accompanied by illustrations to facilitate understanding of the process.

According to the BCC, for a family member or friend to send money to Cuba, they must make the transfer with accurate and complete information about the beneficiary on the island.

Data needed to make a bank transfer to Cuba:

  1. The full name of the beneficiary: It must be exactly identical to the beneficiary’s personal identity, whether it is an ID card or a passport.
  2. PIN: Corresponds to the ID card or passport number.
  3. Complete residential address: includes the street or avenue, house or apartment number, between the streets, sector or town, postal code, municipality and governorate.
  4. Phone number: It is necessary to locate the beneficiary if necessary.
  5. Bank SWIFT Code: The unique identifier of a bank that facilitates international transfers.
  6. Bank branch code number: Specific to the place where you want to receive the transfer.
  7. The legal address of the bank branch: Like the residential address, it must be detailed and accurate.
  8. Bank Account Number: Although it is not required, it is recommended to provide it to speed up the process.
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Express code and correspondent banks

SWIFT codes: BMNBCUHH (Metropolitan Bank); BBAHCOHxxx (BBA); Bdkrkohhxxx (bandic)

Bank transfer commission

Most importantly, bank transfers are one of the safest ways to send money, although they can also be one of the most expensive due to the fees associated with them.

This is why the Central Bank of Cuba itself recommends options such as websites Tocobay also Vidaypay.

Through these platforms, you can transfer to Cuba from any country, with deposits in MLC cards from BPA, BANDEC and Metropolitano banks.

According to official information, customers whose bank cards begin with:


In short, making bank transfers to Cuba requires a clear understanding of the financial systems and precise details of the beneficiaries. Although it can be an expensive process due to the fees associated with it, there are alternatives recommended by the Central Bank of Cuba that can facilitate the process. Make sure you are well informed before doing this.

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