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”Is in its final episodes, which have produced a series of emotional farewells to the set. The new edition of Telemundo Fiction has completed the recording of the story, An unforgettable farewell to fiction.

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But first, the protagonists Laura Landono Y They expressed depression News After finishing his acting in front of the cameras.

“Today we are closing a big cycle and finishing the recordings of women’s caffeconoma. What an important project for all of us who were a part of it was important because of the challenge it represented, I had to record it in the middle of the epidemic because I had to sing, it excited me.”, Wrote the translator Cavio

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Villalobos also thanked for the opportunity to play Lucia Sanglement In a TV classic remake.

How was William Levy’s ending in “Coffee with a Woman’s Aroma”?

In the same way, William Levy Farewell to his character Sebastian Vallejo Soap Opera’s “Girl-scented coffee “, New version Telemundo.

American actor of Cuban descent No news has been released yet About the end of his work in production, but he was in filming when he closed the story of his character.

Levy was praised for several minutes The cast greeted him and thanked him for sharing the roles with the 40-year-old artist.

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Who is the partner of William Levy?

William Levy is also in a romantic relationship with the actress Elizabeth Guterres First 2003.

Although they are a couple who jealously defend their privacy, there have been rumors about it Betrayals and breakdowns, But they are still together May 2021 In a restaurant Miami.

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