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Canadian MP William Amos in a picture on June 19 in Chelsea (Quebec).Adrian Wilde / AB

The photo of the Canadian spouse is spreading around the world. William Amos, the Liberal Party’s representative in Pontiac (Quebec), was elected to parliament last Wednesday. Canada, Appeared completely naked for a few seconds. Amos has apologized, but members of his political group have called for an investigation into who spread the image this Thursday, arguing that it was an unethical act and that it deserves criminal sanctions.

In the screenshot, Amos is shown standing naked in his office, although he shows his private parts as a mobile phone. Claude DeBellefuil, Member Quebec volume, He complained at once without naming his liberal colleague. “The tie and jacket are mandatory, but we also need to remind delegates, especially men, that it is a shirt, underwear and pants,” he said. After that, the image began to spread on Twitter.

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Amos, 46, used the same social network to explain the accident and apologize. “Today I made a very unfortunate mistake. Apparently I’m ashamed. My camera was accidental while I was wearing my work clothes after the run. I apologize to all my colleagues. This is an honest mistake and it will never happen again,” he wrote.

This Thursday, Pablo Rodriguez, the Liberal deputy and government representative in the lower house, asked the Speaker of this House, Anthony Rotta, to begin an investigation into the spread of photography. “I would like to say that the behavior of the person who took the screen shot is not only pathetic, but also shocking and shocking to one of our co-workers. Publishing, distributing, smuggling or selling a close-up of a person without their permission is punishable by up to five years in prison, among other penalties.

Lower council officials pointed out that only the delegates and a limited number of support staff had access to the virtual session. In addition, internal rules prohibit the sharing of photos or videos of undeclared meetings that are freely disseminated.

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Catherine McKenna, the Liberal deputy and infrastructure minister, described the fact that someone shared the picture instead of judging the results of their work as a result of the mistakes of a colleague as “terrifying”. For his part, MP Stephen Lawson asked Amos to think about the impact this time on his wife and children.

In a statement, Quebec announced that it would support the chairman of the lower house if the block decided to open inquiries. Liberals, as cited by Radio-Canada, have launched an investigation to find the person behind the spread of the film, which also has the support of the New Democrats.

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