Will Smith’s family “lived a dream” after actor’s argument against Chris Rock

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Argument between Will Smith And Chris Rock made the actor’s family “live a dream” For all the consequences of their actions. The room where the “King Richard” actor scored for the Oscar winner has affected the whole family.

After a joke, many say it tastes bad Chris Rock Towards Jada Pinkett Smith, the actor unleashed his anger. During the Oscars 2022 Awards, Will Smith starred in one of the most infamous events of the night.

Will Smith’s slap Chris Rock on stage caused trouble for the actor’s work and family life. Has been announced so far He resigned from the academy And this Multiple project pause In which he worked.

Will Smith’s family was affected by the actor’s behavior at the Oscars

According to a source close to the artists, “It was a dream come true for everyone. Will knows that the path to recovery will be long and painful Part of him admitted that he could not fully repair the damage he had caused”.

Zada Pinkett Smith, Trey, Jaden and Willow are avoiding the press to avoid any comments that might put them in a more subtle situation. “They know they can only keep their mouths shut.. The only thing that can cure everything is time, “the source said Weekly for us.

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