Will it affect the match with Colombia in the cup?

A few days before the Copa America 2024 semi-finals, the Uruguayans are in trouble.

Uruguay are already planning their match against Colombia in the Copa America 2024 semi-final in Charlotte on Wednesday 10 July. However, this Sunday presented logistical problems, which the Uruguayan team now hopes will not affect their commitment to the coffee farmers.

The Uruguayans were scheduled to travel to Charlotte this Sunday afternoon. However, due to delays in plans, the space mission will not reach its destination until this Monday.

According to Juan Pablo Romero, an Ovacian-based journalist, the plane carrying the representatives of the Uruguayan national team suffered an engine failure at the coolant level and was unable to take off.

Thus, the players will have to spend Sunday night in Las Vegas, where Uruguay played against Brazil, where the temperature is handled close to 48 °.

The Uruguayan was expected to arrive in Charlotte this Sunday for dinner and rest before training on Monday. However, an “extreme heat” warning prevented all scheduled flights from departing for the day and the trip to Uruguay was ultimately postponed.

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