Will Cicardo join the charge against Hernandez’s ex – wife Blair?

Cicardo Hernandez is in the eye of the storm for a serious charge that rocked the whole of Mexico.

Cicardo Hernandez is on the lips of everyone in Mexico for the strong, serious accusation. Now his ex-wife Sarah Cohen seems to have joined.

Beyond what can be said about his career in sports, Cicardo Hernandez is being questioned about everything related to his ex-wife and mother of two children, Sarah Cohen.

Apparently, the player was severely criticized for the accusation that it had nothing to do with reality. In Mexico, it was promised that Cicarido Hernandez would ban the publication of photos of his children by Sari Cohen. The truth is, when it was discussed, the Australian model released several postcards of her children, suggesting that Cicardo Hernandez was falsely accused … or did Sarah Cohen ignore the ban? After several days, she stopped sharing issues related to her children, which made it clear to the majority that, in fact, she had to comply with the player’s request.

Sarah Cohen focuses more on raising her children Noah and Nala. Without any traces of Cicardo Hernandez along the way, the model is in charge of showing off her days with good ones, and this shows that they are only a priority for her.

In a new conversation with her followers, Sarah boasted of all that Chichardo Hernandez had missed by being alone with her children, while at the same time she trained hard to maximize her life.

Not to be outdone, Sarah seems to be at the forefront of protecting everything that is compatible with her children, and she was already sharing photos of small children intact in reaction to Cicardo!

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Apparently, Sarah Cohen is determined to give up everything that is not good for her, instead focusing on what she knows makes her happy.

Focusing on all the comments she receives for exposing her children, she decided to block comments in their publications to cover up the beautiful moments they live in.

In this way, at least through that communication, the player would not even be able to send a message to his children.

Many believe that this attitude restricts him to the image that his followers have of him. Questioning his role as a father is not something that makes him much of a joke, on the contrary, it makes him angry.

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