Why is the iPhone 15 Pro overheating?

Apple’s cell phone records temperature issues while using social media apps and games. (AP Photo/Jeff Siu, File)

After its launch in September 2023, the iPhone 15 (especially its Pro version) presented the first problems reported by users, who pointed out that the cell phone Manjana It reached temperatures higher than appropriate, which harmed its user experience.

Although this problem occurs in many places devices And it directly affected the cell phone hardware, Manjana A statement indicated that the problem was not caused by the components used or the quality of the product, but rather by a malfunction. OSA mistake that can be overcome.

“The device may feel warm for the first few days after setting up or resetting the device due to increased background activity,” the company said. However, an additional explanation has been established: updates of other applications can lead to an overload of the cell phone system.

As such, Apple has assured that users will get the update soon OS Also involved are sites that could cause a warming problem Development So the same kind of problems will not occur. Edition 17.1 of iOS No date yet launchBut it may take few weeks for delivery.

Apple’s cell phone records temperature issues while using social media apps and games. (Manjana)

The company also said that it will contribute to the increase in applications temperature A popular game for cell phone Uber, Instagram and its graphics Asphalt 9: Legends. However, the possibility that the list could be longer and include other types of sites is not ruled out.

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A statement released by Apple confirms that the cell phone will not increase its temperature and cause discomfort in its use, but will not affect its performance. A17 Pro chip And the titanium materials that make up the device are damaged.

On the other hand, it has been mentioned that the increase in temperature of the device does not affect the protection of the integrity of the iPhone 15 Pro and therefore does not pose any risk when the users present the cell phone problem. However in these cases it is better not to do so to avoid further rise in temperature.

Extensive gaming sessions or recording video in 4K quality also cause overheating. However, the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that the thermal design of iPhone 15Aiming to achieve a lighter weight may be the cause of this problem.

Apple’s cell phone records temperature issues while using social media apps and games. (Manjana)

Another problem was discovered iPhone 15 In its Pro versions, the new titanium body can get dirty with fingerprint marks and other smudges. Although this experience does not affect the functions of the cell phone, it is uncomfortable to constantly clean the entire cell phone.

Issues with device slowdown and poor performance have also been reported. OS iOS. It is important to note that this issue may be related to a recent update iOS 17 Not with the device.

Also, many app developers are yet to release updates compatible with iOS 17 and newer. iPhoneThis may negatively impact user experience and certain functions.

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In the case of users buying a new cell phone, cases of being blocked during the logo have also been reported Manjana During the initial configuration of the cell phone.

The company soon fixed the situation with a release day update iOS And this error no longer occurs.

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