Why is the Diaz-Colonel announcing that Raul Castro will be at the Plaza on May Day?

Miguel Dias-Colonel Said Raul Castro This will be Sunday The first day of May In Revolution Square in Havana To attend the march for International Labor Day organized by the government after a two-year suspension due to the Govt-19 epidemic.

According to the Twitter profile of the Presidency of the Republic of Cuba, The ruler announced during the closing session of the IV full session of the Central Committee of the Communist PartyOn Wednesday.

“Army General Raul Castro will be in Rousseau Plaza for a Labor Day parade this May.” As mentioned in the tweet.

The second message promised that Castro was “aware of the discussions of the IV Plenum”, again Díaz-Canel says.

“The meeting is going very well,” the army general said in a statement to Central Committee members.

Such announcements can only be understood by taking into account doubts and rumors about the general’s health. After retiring as the first secretary of the BCCI, he was seen in public on some occasions.

The most recent appearance of Fidel Castro’s successor took place last January, when he was spotted attending another huge parade called annually by the authorities in Havana.

In September 2021 he will attend a ceremony and political activity For the 40th Anniversary of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), the repressive arm of the Cuban military. However, In that case Castro has no photos or videos of the young man In the official mediaOnly a brief message and pictures of the action.

Prior to that, he would have attended the BCC leadership meeting on July 11 to address the massive anti-government protests.

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If his new appearance occurs, it will happen after a few days Violated the rule established by the BCC General Before he retires: The age limit for entering the political bureau of the organization is 60 years.

This comes after Army General Ramon Espinosa Martin, 83, was appointed a member of the party leadership.

Official newspaper Granma He pointed out that members of the BCCI’s Central Committee had called for an “exception” to include an Octogenian Cuban soldier in charge of the organization.

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