Why does TikTok take up so much space on my mobile phone?

The TikTok app alone takes up many megabytes, and it can be easily copied using only your user and profile data, which means that once you have the app, It takes up to 400 or 500 MB from the minimum. When you update it, it will continue to take up more space, but this is something you have to do to enjoy its news and to keep it as a safe tool.

However, the fact that it takes up this space is normal and you can’t reduce it much more because it is what it takes up once you install it and use it. However, in the long run it will cause you problems. What happens is that when you use it, the Memory is filling up more and more. This is due to the cache.

For these reasons, TikTok “eats” your memory

In the Cache saves the videos you watch For a more flexible operation, which is very convenient for you in other applications, but in TikTok it is not necessary because you rarely see the same content again. And worst of all, it does so at the cost of your mobile phone storage. how many The more content you see, the fuller the cache And more takes up space on your mobile phone. If you spend a lot of time daily using the app, you might end up having space issues unless you have a lot of time.

If your phone is 32 or 64GB in size, you’ll run into real space issues, and with 128GB you’ll notice that over time. Yes with some How many videos can you easily fill in 100mb of memory on your phone, over the course of weeks you’ll easily occupy gigabytes. Although other apps take up the cache on your phone, in the case of TikTok, it takes up much more than that, and worst of all, it does so with files you won’t need, and garbage that accumulates day in and day out.

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Your phone’s memory is also affected Record the videos you watched and your content library On TikTok, plus Downloads you have madeThe more you use the app, the more storage space it takes up.

Delete cache and avoid space problems

The point is that the app is emptying your phone memory with unnecessary things, so the best thing you can do is to clear cache from your phone settings or from the app, as it is the app that is causing the space issues on your device. phone. We tell you how to do it in each of the two options available to you.

You can choose the option that is most comfortable for you and do it often, when you think it fills up the memory too much or once a month or every few weeks, to clear the cache when it fills up again since then There is no automatic cache clearing option from the app.

From Settings do the following

  1. Find Manage Apps or Applications
  2. Find the TikTok app
  3. Go to storage or the option that puts delete data
  4. Select Clear cache (or Clear data if desired)

Delete data from tiktok phone

On TikTok, you can do this from the privacy settings

  1. Click on a picture of me in the upper right
  2. Go to Settings and select Settings & privacy
  3. Find the Free up space option
  4. Click to delete next to cache

Tiktok free spaceAlso delete TikTok downloads like this

Therefore, freeing up space from downloads is a good idea. The steps are the same as the previous case in the app:

  1. Click on a picture of me in the upper right
  2. Go to settings
  3. Select Settings and privacy
  4. Find the Free up space option
  5. Go to downloads
  6. Confirm deletion
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free space downloads-tiktok

If you want to delete everything at once..

The most comfortable way to clear cache, downloads, view history and other unnecessary things in the application is Uninstall and reinstall the application. You can find it again in the App Store, and that’s it, just sign in again and you’ll see that the app takes up much less storage space on your phone than before.

TikTok challenges videos and music
TikTok challenges videos and music

Tik Tok video music
Tik Tok video music

Although the solution is simple, remember that if you don’t do it frequently, your phone may fill up again, so don’t waste it. Do this at least once a month, or if you use it more often.

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