Why did Ashton Kutcher sell his ticket to fly into space?

Just a week ago, billionaire Richard Branson made history with his company Virgin Galactic by inaugurating the first tourist flight into space. Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, and Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon, are also in this race to travel outside the Earth, although there are many who already dream of being able to get on an aircraft of this type. Ashton Kutcher is one of them although, surprisingly, he has sold his ticket and has given up on it.

This was revealed by the actor in a recent interview with Cheddar News. Ashton Kutcher, 43, has explained that one of his dreams is to be able to travel to outer space and that he was determined to do so with Virgin Galactic.

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What’s more, not only had he made the decision but he had bought one of the coveted tickets to be able to get on the aircraft. However, Kutcher decided to sell his ticket, which cost him $ 200,000, for a compelling reason.

As expressed in the aforementioned media, the protagonist of Two and a half Men had a conversation with his wife, the also actress Mila Kunis, and after that he changed his mind and gave up his idea of ​​flying into space.

“When I got married and had children, my wife basically explained to me that it was not a very smart idea to go into space when you have such young children,” he recounted, adding, “I was supposed to be on the next flight. [haciendo referencia al de Richard Branson] but I won’t be on that next flight. ” The couple, who married in 2015, have two children in common: Wyatt, who is five years old, and Dimitri, who is just three.

His family has been the compelling reason why Ashton Kutcher has thought twice about becoming a space tourist, thus giving up, for the moment, the experience of flying off planet Earth.

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