Andrea Legretta and Eric Ruben respond to a photo of their eldest daughter in a bathing suit: “You be quiet!”

Mine, Daughter Andrea Legretta Y Eric Ruben He surprised his followers on social media, in which he appears to be wearing a red bathing suit, where the first responder to the publication was his proud parents.

A few days ago, Ruben Lagaretta’s family traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate the 50th birthday of the host of the ‘Hoi’ show. .

Of course, the first person to be surprised was her proud parents, who could not express an opinion on how beautiful their eldest daughter was.

Beautiful, I love you infinitely“Lagaretta wrote that at the same time the former Timberich also fell in love with the beauty of his first born:”Be quiet! you are beautiful“. In addition to gaining the approval of more than 70,000 followers.

Mia Ruben Legretta Not only did he stand out for the immense voice talent he received from his glorious father, but he also did so for his elegance and beauty when posing in front of the cameras, which he has shown on more than one occasion by the same community. Network. Proof of this is the pictures he shared during his graduation party a month ago, where he wore a blue dress that made him look simply spectacular.

The 16-year-old translator is currently focusing on his singing career, in which he made his debut last December with a virtual show presented from his home recording studio. He lived his first great musical experience in the hands of his father.

The concert, called “Races”, was a huge success Eric Ruben Within the group are Timberze and his stage as a soloist, as well as unreleased songs by father and daughter to gain the recognition of their fans.

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