Who won Sunday’s fight for SUV at EXATLON?


Javier Syntron is part of “Team Formoses”

Wow that week at No. 11 Exotlon USA This is a particularly serious one. We were able to find out from internal sources that the match was supposed to be eliminated Denise Nova and Frank Peltrey, It has already been confirmed that the Telemundo competition program has not stopped making news with the arrival of new reinforcements, a game due to injury and now a Sunday with no elimination, but a fight for two SUVs.

The previews revealed everything

Including many news websites already Right now, We confirm the regrettable expulsion of Denis Nova, team rivals, and Frank Beltrey from Team Formoses for their blatant breach of contract, which was initially signed, and the progress they put forward last Friday, April 9, confirms that. They will no longer see each other as part of the Nova or Peltre competition.

He said the same words of appreciation in the official statement sent to us by Telemundo, explaining the expulsion of Denise Nova and Frank Beltrey, and confirmed that there are many more, as host Frederick Oldenburg promised at the start of today’s match. Athletes were allowed in for three days, including Norma Balafox, Rafael Soriano, Octavio Gonzalez and Ana Barra.

Today, until April 11, there was a lot of anticipation about how Telemundo would face the expulsion of both players, which was the most important and symbolic of the fifth season of Exotlon America, but on the special Sunday of the fight for SUVs, the goal was finally known as the temporary suspension of De Nova and Peltrey and other athletes. .

Replacing Caesar Castro

After it was announced that Castro, a former participant in the team rivals, had to leave due to injury, this time the production of Exotlon United States quickly moved to find his replacement on the team, which was Caesar Castro Jr.. Who was very happy to join the Blues. Oracio is a kinesiologist, footballer and lover of all sports.

The struggle for SUVs

Looking at the arrival of four reinforcements during the week – two from Team Formos and two from Team Rivals – today, April 11, there was no elimination, on the contrary, both teams faced each other. The red power was felt from the first moment by two SUVs from the pool.

Although the rivals were badly affected today, new substitute Mirna Alma stood alone on April 11 to stay at the base of the fight, provide advice and win all the cheers needed within her team. Competition.

During the day, the reinforcement Jimmy Welles, who arrived a few days ago, felt a strong discomfort, which led him to get around and be treated immediately by the rival medical team.

Due to the blow to the blue team, we assume that they did not look their best during the day, which is why Famozos painted both victories red, and the SUVs went into the hands of “La Casadora” Viviana Michelin and “boxing champion” Javier Cintron, following today’s good run of the red team with victories Are going.

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