Who is leaving the celebrity house this Monday?

Home of celebritiesThe popular Telemundo reality show is coming to an end in a few weeks The competition has become more and more intense. The names of the candidates who are at risk of dropping out of the program next Monday were announced this Thursday. Unlike previous occasions, this time there is no salvation for any elect The four celebrities are completely dependent on the public to maintain their status.

As the celebs reached the eleventh week of the competition, some implemented new strategies to secure their spot. Despite some changes, indoor drama is still a staple of reality. These days, Osmel Sousa, Most recently deletedAgain visited the facilities.

The former contestant returns for his famous rocking chair. however, He never misses an opportunity to make some scathing remarks to his former colleagues, They were unable to defend themselves because they were in a challenge in which they had to remain speechless and motionless.

A list of nominees is defined among the participants every Thursday. This week, the chosen ones Madison Anderson, Pep Gamez, Tania Mendez and Jose Rodriguez. The name of the evictees will be announced during next Monday’s telecast. However, online There are already spoilers and theories about the next exodus.

Viewers must vote for their favorite celebrity to save them from eliminationInstagram/Telemundorealities

Accordingly Mr. Reality MXA YouTube channel that showcases previews of various TV shows, Celebrity Leave House on 3rd April. It was Jose Rodriguez. Although this source is classified by hitting some of its spoilers, this data It is not official or confirmed by any producer of the broadcast, But this is based on information from fans and social networks.

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The viewers of the reality show save or eliminate the celebrities An online vote. To participate in the process, people need to enter the official Telemundo page Home of celebrities There the vote segment will appear. There you have to select the photo of the competitor you want to recover. However, it is important to emphasize that only this option is available Visitors living in the United States.

Every week, the participants face some tests, whether they are endurance, physical or mental. Only one wins and becomes the head of the house. That person has some advantages, Like sleeping in a private room.

Diego Soltano revealed that Pepe would have saved the games if he had allowed them to go into productionInstagram/Telemundorealities

Diego Soldano He was crowned as the most recent leader, but this time he could not enjoy all the perks The house rules have changed For these final weeks of competition. The Argentine revealed that he would have saved Pepe Gameus If manufacturing permits.


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