The Almería Espacio 2 Museum of Art hosts the presentation of the catalog of the exhibition “Mujer y Arte”

The Almería Espacio 2 Museum of Art hosts the presentation of the catalog of the exhibition “Mujer y Arte”

This Friday, the Espacio 2 Almería Museum of Art hosted a presentation of the catalog of one of its last exhibitions, “Mujer y Arte”, which can still be seen within its walls, precisely until April 16th.

The Director of the Museum and the Ibáñez Cosentino Art Foundation, Juan Manuel Martín, was responsible for presenting this catalog which was made by the same Foundation thanks to the cooperation of the Almería City Council and the Provincial Council. Martin noted that “we are continuing the Women and Art project by presenting its exhibition catalog, a catalog in which it was interesting to show the different aspects of female creators.” Additionally, Martin noted, “We museum directors love to have visitors come, and besides, if visitors tell us they like what they see, that’s fun.”

The presentation of this book has been complemented by a short concert by Pablo Mazueikos and Veronica Pintor, thanks to Classijaz’s collaboration. In addition, the Fundación de Arte Ibáñez Cosentino handed out a copy of the catalog to everyone who attended said presentation.

The book in question consists of 100 colored pages with a rustic cover with flaps and a closed book measuring 27 x 21 cm. The three hundred copies contain an introductory text for the “Mujer y Arte” catalogue, a project to feature creators working from Andalusia. It was made by the curator of the sample, Juan Manuel Martin Robles. In addition, the catalog reproduces all works (one per page) with author data and work data (97 in total). This exhibition can be viewed at Museo de Arte de Almería Espacio 2 until April 16th.

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The project

“Mujer y Arte” is a project that was born three years ago in the digital world, in the social networks of the Art Museum of Almeria and from the digital that has passed into the physical world.

The number of applications they received in the first year was surprising, but in this second edition, the number of applications has doubled. We have received from all provinces of Andalusia. The organization hopes that in its third edition, which will soon be launched on its social networks, it will continue to give them the joy and satisfaction that these two invitations gave them.

Cabo de Gata image to advertise passion

In the morning, the Doña Pakyta Museum of Art hosted the presentation of the work called “Poster of Holy Week in Almeria from 1970”, the work of the late Carlos Pérez Sequeh. Viewable until April 30th.

It is a 70 x 50 cm lithograph poster made by the photographer from Almeria to advertise the passion of the city that year. In it, the author highlighted some of the most characteristic natural elements of the Almeria skyline as if they were typical elements of a Holy Week procession.

“In this image, of a landscape in Almería, the eye of Pérez Sequier managed to represent a typical image of Holy Week with a supposed crucifix and some penitents, and when we approach the image, we find those elements typical of an Almería landscape,” admitted the curator of the sample, Juan Manuel Martín. “It was a very daring poster at the time,” he concluded.

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