Who are the favorites in the Colombian presidential election? This is what the polls say

(CNN Spanish) – Rodolfo Hernandez Progress in the pre-poll Colombian presidential election Held on Sunday, May 29, “Fico” closes the gap with Gutiérrez, who has so far secured second place.

Gustavo Pedro continues to be the most popular candidate in the first round. The novelty of the suggestions known in the week before the election, on the other hand, was the development of Hernandez.

A Review of the National Advisory Center appointed by Semana Pedro reveals that it continues to lead the way with 35.8% support. Guterres and Hernandez, for their part, are “practically in a technical balance”: Medellin’s former mayor will receive 20.8% of the vote, while Bukaramanga’s former mayor will receive 19.1%.

According to media reports, another survey conducted by the same company and paid by a private entrepreneur Empty chairHernandez received 16% of the vote in May, indicating a significant increase compared to April. When his support was estimated at 9%.

According to information shared by Hernandez, the same figures recorded in April put Petro in first place with 38% and Guttierez in second place with 23%.

Invamar’s third question in this case confirms Hernandez’s tab: the candidate received 20.9% of the vote, an increase of seven points over April. The poll was conducted by Karagol TV and Blue Blue Radio.

The poll found 40.6% support for Pedro, down three points from last month, and Gutierrez 27.01%, up 0.4 percentage points from previous consultations.

How a possible second round develops

If no candidate receives a simple majority (half plus one) of the valid votes in the first round, the second round will be held on June 19 with the two candidates with the most votes.

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The current photo indicates that Pedro Gutierrez or Hernandez will face off.

This is Pedro’s third attempt at presidency, defining himself as leader “Progressive” left In a very traditional and right-wing country.

piggyback The The burden of being a member of a guerrilla group This led to the worst tragedies in the country’s history, capturing the Palace of Justice (although not directly involved), but at the same time being one of the most important political leaders in the recent history of the Latin American nation.

“Fico” Gutiérrez, meanwhile, has established himself as a right-wing candidate after winning among five pre-candidates from the Colombian coalition. The youngest candidate in this election, the former mayor of Medellin, presented himself as an opponent of Gustavo Pedro. Guterres won the support of the traditional Conservative and Liberal parties, as well as Bardido de la Yu and indirectly from the current ruling party, the Democratic Center: the group’s front-runner, Oscar Ivan Zuloka, resigned in March. Decided to support Gutierrez.

Guttierez’s speech focused “To defend democracy and freedomAs well as security, and criticized Petro for having a “populist and dictatorial agenda.”

Hernandez, for his part, presented himself as one OutsiderAn independent politician outside the establishment and traditional parties.

He worked as a construction businessman, thereby amassing his wealth, and after a controversial but popular position as mayor of Bucharamanga, home to about 500,000 people in northeastern Colombia, he decided to jump on the national bandwagon. The fight against corruption.

The winner of the election – known as the Nearly 39 Million Citizens – will be the successor to Evan Duke and will take office on August 7, 2022.

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This article was updated with the latest polls.

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