Where the new war begins! All the great powers of the world are watching him

Neither China nor the United States wants war, at least not in the future. Despite China’s military development, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and its members are not ready to fight the United States. The United States, for its part, wants to avoid the confusion and uncertainty that would create any military conflict with China.

However, the two major powers are doing their duty in the South China Sea, from which it is difficult to retreat. In the last two weeks, these promises have led to a declaration war, which is considered a cause for concern. The main allegations focus on China’s efforts to secretly create islands in the Spratly Islands, which could provide theoretical basis for claims to regional waters. The United States’ insistence on freedom of navigation may bring these tensions to a boil.

He explains to us three ways in which tensions in the South China Sea can lead to conflict.

In recent months, China has stepped up what visitors call the “big sand wall”. This “big wall” includes the expansion of a group of islands within the Spratly Archipelago so that it can support runways, weapons and other permanent installations. The perspective of the conflict is clear here: if US ships or planes enter the sea claimed by China, Chinese sailors, soldiers and pilots must be careful about how they behave. The militarized response would lead to a rapid increase.

Then, China and the United States already have a history of plane crashes, the best of which have not been completed since 2001. The wick of a war that is enough to shed light on a new accidental collision in the air over the South China Sea. And if Beijing decides to go further and declare an Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the South China Sea, things will only get more complicated.

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There will be a third scenario if a major submarine incident occurs between the two states, which could lead to an increase in military operations.

China plays in the South China Sea. It’s not clear, he thinks National interest, Whether the Beijing regime fully understands the dangers of the game and its strategy of trying to expel the U.S. Navy from navigation freedom is one of America’s long-standing fundamental interests.

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