When will Sony let you use Discord on your PS5?

Picture: Sony

A week ago many PS5 players They had their chance Try out some of the latest features that Sony has been working on, including some pretty cool stuff like the option to turn it on Variable refresh rate In 1440p resolution or expected integration with popular chat application Difference of opinion. Fortunately The rest are humans, We didn’t have to wait long Sony makes them official.

Starting today all players will be able to get the latest firmware update – version 7.0– Implement and expect improvements for PS5 from Sony The Japanese company has been working for some time.

Undoubtedly, the most interesting and anticipated of all is the integration with Discord. Despite Microsoft’s inclusion In 2022 This aspect of them Xbox, Soni has been prayed for. But hey, as the saying goes, happiness is never too late if it’s good. Of course, for now, Discord’s integration has its limits. You need to unlock it first Discord on your PS5, join a voice channel, then send content to the console. This is how integration with Xbox worked, although Microsoft made an update necessary Using a cell phone or the Like a PC Intermediary. Let’s see if Sony is encouraged to do the same

The other big improvement is that the console is now available Support Variable refresh rate 1440p. If you have an HDMI 2.1 compatible display, From now on You can play 1440p using this function. Also, now the bureau Also supports HDMI modes and devices.

Sony has also taken the opportunity to make some minor tweaks, such as a new filtering system for the game library. Ability to transfer data and save gamesyou give Between the consoles PS5 Or course Interface changes.

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