WhatsApp, which sends voice notes, is coming to Android watches

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Finally, the official application Share it Google’s Wear OS is coming. Early adopters of the development version, opEightThey’re starting to get the app on their smartwatches, which includes support for sending text messages and voice memos.

Minimal usage for nowOnly available For watches like Google’s Pixel Watch and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5, among other models running a version of the Wear OS 3 operating system. Once installed, the app allows you to access a list of recent contacts. We communicated or chatted through the main app on the smartphone), the settings menu and the “Open on phone” option. Once you access the conversation, you can read previous messages and reply by typing a message using the smartwatch keyboard, or even better, send a voice memo, something many users have been asking for for a long time.

Until now, the only way to reply to a WhatsApp message from your smartwatch was through a notification. When you receive a message and a corresponding notification on the smartwatch, you can access the list of built-in quick replies from the small screen or write a message using the keyboard on the watch screen (you can also dictate the answer using your voice, and the watch should convert it to text). But with the arrival of the official WhatsApp application, you can send voice messages directly without touching the phone.

The WhatsApp app is now available for testing (beta) on Android smartwatches

The Wear OS operating system will include a new WhatsApp “complex” (the name given to the widgets on the watch screen) that will reveal how many messages you have pending to be read in the messaging app.

The arrival date of the WhatsApp app and its new functions on watches with Wear OS have not yet been announced, but we can learn more about it at the next Google I / O 2023, which will take place this week.

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