Gigin Fonseca: “Osvaldo Sanchez still complains about 2004 final”

One of the most overrated images of a Mexican soccer final this millennium. Francisco “Kigkin” Fonseca He was going to say something Osvaldo Sanchez After scoring a penalty in the final Clausura 2024 between Pumas and ChivasThis, according to the former cat, makes its opponent even more annoying.

What did Gigin say to Oswaldo?

In the chat Hugo Sanchez For ESPN, the Mexican soccer legend, along with some former players, remembers his two-time champion Pumas. Gigin is encouraged to tell what happened between him and Osvaldo In charge of the fourth university.

“When I didn’t ask for the list, when I asked Hugo, you asked Veron, but he wasn’t on the list, but luckily Veron stepped aside and you let me shoot. Osvaldo grabs the ball and tells me: “You will never punish me”. I saw an ‘Oswaldot’ and a very small goal, I threw him in the center, luckily he came in and brought everything he saved, he said, he told me, I went and celebrated it. I told him all the rude things I could and he still complains (laughs). There’s no way they’re kicking me out.”

After the crimes Osvaldo followed FonsecaBut the referee appeared to see what was going on, so someone from Chivas was able to point it out as if to accuse him.

His first kicking penalty?

In the preview of ‘Hugo Presenta’, Joaquin Beltran It explains that they were in a particular situation He and Gigin are new to these types of eventsEven if they solve them well,

“Of the five shooters, Neither Kikino nor Nano took a penalty. But in the days before the defining matches, we always took penalties and the list was completely different from what we shot.”

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