WhatsApp trick to know someone’s location without asking

Today we will give you a simple one Trick So you know Location In your contacts Share Without asking, get your pen and paper to take these next steps.

In this case you will find out how to find the address of one of you Contacts WhatsApp without sending you.

Of course sometimes and for different reasons you want to know the location of one of your WhatsApp contacts without the person in question sending it to you, but you do not know if this is possible.

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That’s why we will reveal below that this messaging application is categorized by encrypting its messages page by page, so knowing the location of another contact seems a bit strange.

We will now tell you how you can infiltrate their security to find out the approximate location of one of their contacts.

Although this trick has become very popular on social networks, it does not work every time, however, you may be the exception and if you can implement it.

  • First you need to click on the command to open Windows Task Manager: Control + Alt + Del
  • Next, open the Run function with Win + R, then enter the word “cmd” and press “Enter”.
  • When the menu opens go to “netstat-an” and press “Enter”.
  • Now you need to see the IP of the contact whose address you want to find, copy it and paste it on www.ip-adress.com/ip-address/lookup page.
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Note that this does not have any effect if used on a MAC or MacBook, in addition, you should open the Instant Message tab on the computer and avoid having others in the background.

In addition, you should remember to keep as much conversation as possible with the contact you want to monitor, of course, use this trick only in emergencies or you will infringe on the privacy of the person in question.

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