WhatsApp is now green: it's the new update for iPhone

The app is constantly updated to improve the user experience. (share)

Share itInstant messaging application is used more 2 billion people Worldwide, an update is being implemented that brings major changes to its interface Green is primary.

This new version was used without notice for a month target in different parts of the world.

Its main innovation is that it leaves the stage Color is blue The letters he implemented last August to make green the main color in the area channels And condition.

A comparison in the Channels section shows that green is the dominant color in the user interface. (share)

As well as in the Notifications and Tools area at the bottom of the screen, where Red notices It also turns green.

Notifications will no longer be red and the blue color of the selected option will also disappear. (share)

Another change is seen in the menu displayed when sending a file from the app. If so what happens Optional symbols in a circle above the text containing his name. They are also a bit bigger and no longer list-like.

The icons for the options available when sending a file also change. (share)

This version is implemented on devices iOSThere are no reports of this happening Android.

It is reported that this update is not available for Android. (Google Play)

WhatsApp is working on new features that will be available in 2024 including custom usernames, customizable temporary messages. Chatting with artificial intelligencedesire Share statuses on Instagram and improved filters Chat system.

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These innovations are in various stages of development and have been revealed through beta versions of the app.

During the testing process of these functions, WhatsApp collects feedback from the community of users and developers to refine the details before the official release. Some of these tools.

Many of the functions coming in 2024 are already in the development and beta phase. (AP Photo/Patrick Sisson, File)

– Temporary messages

The app has been polishing this feature for a long time. Currently, messages can be configured to disappear every 24 hours, seven or 90 days. But this functionality will be adjusted so that the user has more control over their privacy, with the option to adjust the display of content for a few seconds.

– Chat with artificial intelligence

The app added a tool in 2023 Lets you create stickers with AI, the next step is to integrate this technology more often into chats. One of the possibilities is chatbots where users can chat and create content.

Although there are already added bots, these are not owned by WhatsApp but from third parties. The upcoming functionality will be one that will enable chats directly with AI Target AI.

One of the new features will be integration with Instagram to share statuses. (REUTERS/Dado Ruvik)

– Share statuses on Instagram

Currently, WhatsApp allows you to send a status to stories when you upload it Facebook No need to change applications. This link is also expected to be operational by 2024 instagram.

To enable the option for both social networks, the app will add a panel below the status with shortcut buttons for the two meta apps, as well as an option to share the status on other platforms.

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– Dual image display

After adding the option to restrict viewing a photo only once. The app is working on the possibility of expanding this feature so that users can view it twice at most. It is useful for those who are still unclear about how this tool works and those who open a photo without knowing that they will not be able to see it again.

– Chat system

Currently, the app displays the list of chats in only one way. Depending on the order they come in, they are located at the top of the panel. Because this can change Share it Works with a filter that allows you to better search for unread chats. When activated, the panel will stop displaying chats in order of arrival and start sorting them by those with no messages to read.

Additionally, the Chats tab can have four sections. One for all messages, one for unreaders, one for personal chats and one for business chats.

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