WhatsApp introduces its own tool for creating stickers

WhatsApp introduces its own tool for creating image stickers for the article titled

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WhatsApp has now fatally hurt the overall ecosystem as well Applications for creating stickers. The latest version of the WhatsApp web includes its own sticker creation tool, and you need to add new customized images to your personal collection.

To create new stickers, go to WhatsApp, open any chat and click on the clip icon and the new “Sticker” button. Select any image from your computer based on the sticker. You will find some basic tools to edit the image. Scissors allow you to cut the outside of the object that appears in a photo. You can add text, emojis, other stickers or doodles to the top of the image. The image can also be cropped, But only inside Square ratio.

S.The background of the sticker you want should be transparent, but you do not have the pulse to use the edge cutter tool Built in application, you can Send image via remove.bg, Which it uses Artificial intelligence identifies an object and separates it from its environment.

The new tool for creating stickers is available on the WhatsApp web, and it will come with an update on the desktop version of WhatsApp next week. WhatsApp has not yet announced plans to integrate this tool into mobile versions, but stickers you create on your desktop WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp will also be available on your mobile.

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