Alberto Lottie reveals the crisis he experienced on television: ” I felt like Eugenio Derbe’s guard at the World Cups ” – Tees

Alberto Lathi A renowned Mexican journalist, he is notable for speaking 43 languages ​​and writing five books at the age of 43. He is admired by colleagues and audiences for his ability to tell stories beyond the game and for the countless trips he has made around the world.

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Pages Served for many years Televisa And he is remembered because he came to the cities where the Olympics or the World Cup are held 6 to 12 months ago.

In those moments, the spokesperson felt essential to the company. However, when all of his “most famous” colleagues arrived, he felt displaced on and off the cameras.

“I was the owner of every city and my time, but when the event came, it seemed to me that Eugenio Derbe’s salon, like Combaito, commentators and even Lopez Torica, everyone asked me everything, they asked for advice about everything in town.”, The bill. Pages In an interview Dono de Valdes And YouTube.

He adds: ” In Athens I had to rent motorcycles to everyone, in South Africa I processed permits to bring animals into the studio, and in Beijing I went to see shows.

Then Pages He says of the crisis he experienced on television: ” My main problem is that my role in every event is not clear. I was in crisis because I had been the most important person for a year and a half and no one was there and they wanted to present me with the referee’s analysis, for which I was not there. I have always had those crises on television, and they have never been fully resolved.

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Tired of traveling

To many, the journalist’s job was a “dream,” but he says he experienced anxiety and sadness because he had been away from his loved ones for so long. That’s why he got to a point where he had the fabric to tell the owner Televisa He was already tired of that situation.

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Pages Commented Emilio Ascaraga He no longer wanted to travel, but the most powerful man in the company gave him compliments, which he still remembers to this day, which is why he turned his hand to go to town. Beijing Almost a year before the 2008 Olympics. “

“On the way to Beijing, I did not want to go through a one-year process. I had a crisis where I realized I could not live forever in changing countries.

” I went to dinner with Javier Allergan, Emilio Ascaraka, Pepe Boston and Bernardo Gomez. After finishing the meal, Allergan very subtly tells me: ‘You go with them.’ I was talking with Emilio all afternoon, everyone told me what I was doing and how we were making history, and I always had great support from Emilio until the last day. With confusion in my head, I wanted to tell them I did not want to travel anymore, but those overweight were telling you how important you were, and they told me to go to Beijing … ”

His first event outside the Mexican countries

Euro 2000 is the first international event Alberto Lathi Closed Televisa. But then there was a revolution in the field of sports with new leadership Javier AlarconHe explained how it was to work with him to travel to Japan for the 2002 World Cup and the great task he was given.

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“The Sydney Olympics were not good for television, in public view, there were not even televised deports at the time, and they were not positive in ratings. .

“I had a box of chicken and it hit me hard. My phone rang and Javier Allergan told me I wanted to go to Japan. I told him he was nine months away from the World Cup. He wants me to leave in a week. I said yes and left. , Asked what to register for the capsules, but he told me he wanted to go to Japan.I immediately said yes, I knew it was time to differentiate myself or I would be in the middle of my life.

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