WhatsApp: How to record a call on your phone

Ideally, you should not do these activities with the intention of harming the other person. (Photo: Pixabay)

There are various reasons why you may want to save a portion of the conversation Share, Is one of the most popular applications today. For example, when you are going to interview someone or for any other reason. So, we will publish what is the trick to record that call.

It is about taking some steps in a practical and simple way iOS or Android Without the other person knowing.

How to do it?


* Choose the person you want to call.

* Enable the speaker system and increase the volume.

* On the home screen of the cell phone, type “voice recorder” in the search engine, which is usually already installed on the cell phone.

* Start registering.

* Said only that the conversation should be saved at the end.

The steps on iOS are different.  Photo: Pixabe
The steps are different on iOS. Photo: Pixabe


In this case, the steps to follow the iPhone are a little different, because Apple does not allow you to use a voice recorder while on a call; However, there is still a way to do this.

* Users must have a Mac computer to connect their iPhone.

* Go to the “File” tab on your computer and click on “New Audio Record”.

* Select to register in “QuickTime”.

* When done, you need to save the conversation.

When performing this type of activity, it is important to highlight that the person being contacted is not harmed or their personal information is not infringed upon.

How to know how long you have been seen

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In the meantime, many WhatsApp tools are available to day-to-day users, making it easier to learn or process messages, as well as resolve some doubts such as how long They left you in sight?

With simple steps, a person will know the exact moment when a friend, neighbor, relative, partner, etc. will read your message.

The idea is to save the conversation in cases like an interview.  Photo: Pixabe.
The idea is to save the conversation in cases like an interview. Photo: Pixabe.

The main thing is that the read confirmation option should be enabled for the other person you are texting, which means that the popcorn message will be drawn in blue.

However, to know exactly when the message was read, the user must do the following:

* Open the chat of the person you like.

* Select the message you provided and hold it down.

* Next, look for the three dots located in the upper right.

* Click and Info.

* Then three options will be displayed where the sent, delivered and read time will be observed.

If the other person’s reading receipts option is disabled, the time a message was viewed will not appear, but it is necessary to describe the time of their last link.

WhatsApp was acquired in 2014 by Facebook, a popular social networking service created and established by programmer and entrepreneur Mark Elliott Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg’s intentions to merge their sites have been repeatedly known. Its purpose is to enable users to interact with each other without distinction and to enhance global marketing capabilities.

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