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WhatsApp adds biometric authentication. The most secure way to connect to the WhatsApp web will be available soon.

WhatsApp adds biometric authentication

Connecting WhatsApp Web It’s a little safer. You need to open the app with biometric authentication as soon as possible before logging into the WhatsApp web.

The company says that the new system is designed to ensure that if someone else accesses your phone, they will not be able to connect to the WhatsApp web.

The new system will run by default on all iPhone devices running iOS 14 with Touch ID or Face ID. It will run on all Android devices with biometric authentication enabled. This means that users need to use it to link their accounts. Users who do not have a biometric authentication system on the phone can sign in as usual. The same is true for users who disable biometric authentication on a smartphone.

Just like using biometric security on modern smartphones, the new system does not mean that WhatsApp accesses or collects facial scans or fingerprints. WhatsApp uses the same biometric data APIs that any other application uses to access the security settings on the device. This update comes as an additional authentication step before allowing users to sign in to their accounts.

Using the new biometric unlocking method WhatsApp (or Facebook) does not provide personal information.

WhatsApp says a new update for compatible devices should be released in the coming weeks.

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