The future looks like this: The British are already preparing an airport for flying cars – Sources News

The airport for flying cars is expected to inform the city of Coventry of the future by the end of this year, with a plan to demonstrate how air taxis operate in urban centers, the airline said.

UK-based Urban-Airport, in partnership with carmaker Hyundai Motor, is building the infrastructure needed for flying cars to fly across the sky, carrying people and goods.

Beginning in November, visitors to Coventry will be able to see what a flying airport looks like and have the opportunity to see the passenger drone and vertical electric take-off and landing operation vehicle (EVDOL) at the landing site.

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The urban-air port has been selected by a government plan to build zero-emission aircraft and new aircraft, and has received a $ 1.2 million grant to fund the temporary installation of an airport in Coventry city center.

“With the support of the British government and the Hyundai Motor Group, we will build the world’s first fully operational airport,” Ricky Alley, founder and CEO of Urban Airport, told Reuters on Friday.

Chandu said although progress has been made in developing flying machines, there is no infrastructure. “You can’t get off the train, you can’t get on the train if you don’t get to the station, so it’s absolutely necessary to support the basic infrastructure,” he said.

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