What’s in Gerardo Martino’s report after El Tri’s defeat?


After failure Mexico’s national team It contains Qatar World Cup 2022 Removed at group stage-, Gerardo Martino, the former coach of the team today, drew some conclusions from what happened during his administration; The result is perception of the report To act as an aid in the process towards that, managers are provided 2026 World Cup.

What happened to Tata Martino?

At half time We can expect some details of this report to be provided by Tata Martino For Directors Mexican Football ConfederationThey take that into account for the upcoming process.

Yes right Results During the last year of the process and the World Cup, They don’t come with Tata MartinoThe Argentine coach finished a Positive balance In performance; became The coach who introduced the most playersHis report is therefore of great value in Mexican football.

What’s in Tata Martino’s report to FMF?

1. More competition for the national team

At the end of the first Martino is Mexico’s national team You have to step out of your comfort zone; that is, Reduce or eliminate friendly competition in the United States Against ‘B’ or ‘C’ choices It did not create any competition or demand for the tricolor flag.

It is also proposed at this point Make games outside the USWith different contexts, as happened in epidemics, they played against each other European teams and of other confederations, but in neutral territory.

2. Exporting players to foreign football

In the understanding that there are better football matches EuropeThe Tata Martino It calls on managers to make it easier for Mexican players to move to Europe, regardless of the team or league they will join.

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He says in the same place Mexican soldiers They have to do their part to go out and get the best preparation for their careers. Forget about comfort It prevails in Mexican football.

3. More opportunity for Mexicans

During his three years there Tata Martino Before Mexico National Team, He found it in the Argentine teams MX League Mexican players are given little chance; Generations of good footballers were lost U17 World runner-up Brazil 2019Only in this Emilio Lara and Victor KuzFurtherNo They have continuity in the first division.

Here too he has made a request 2019 For Club Owners: The number of foreign players should be reducedTo give more opportunity to the youth.

In that statement he also establishes some reasons why he took so much Before and during results Qatar World Cup 2022So people Mexican Confederation Understand a little more about what happened in the game that saw Tri fail to advance to the round of 16.

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