What will Shakira do to keep Clara Xia from getting close to her children? | Answers

There seems to be a conflict between Shakira And couple Gerard PQ don’t stop At this time legal action is being prepared against the Colombian Clara Chia So every time the former footballer sees his children, he does so without the company of his girlfriend, because the singer believes that he is not a “good person” for them.

Shakira: The legal action she and her lawyers are preparing against Clara Chau

A few months ago, Shakira released her song with Bizarrap Music Sessions #53 where she made it clear that Clara Sia is not a trustworthy person. “He has a reputation as a good person, it’s not as clear as it sounds,” Barranquillaera said in his hit song.

Although Shakira and her minor children have moved to Miami, the singer is taking legal action with her lawyers to prevent Pique’s girlfriend from being in Miami when the Spaniard is due to visit them.

As is known, the Colombian exercised his right of custody on April 2, in which they reached a good agreement with Gerard Pique, for which he was free to travel to America with Sasha and Milan. The contract establishes that the footballer has the right to see his children for 10 days a month.

Shakira tries to shield her children from the media

The Colombian singer used her social networks to talk about the harassment her children suffer from the press, for which she asked them for respect. “Now that they are starting a new phase in their lives, I strongly request the media on behalf of my children to please respect their right to privacy (…)”. school entrance, waiting for them at our doorstep, or chasing them to their extra-curricular and recreational activities”, Wrote the translator of ‘Monotonia’ and ‘Los de la Intución’.

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Although Shakira knows she has to grant her ex-partner the right to stay with her children for ten days a month, she certainly wants to make that impossible, with the young Spanish woman having access to them while Pique enjoys their company. Colombian lawyers, these days, will be in charge of reaching a compromise with Gerard Piqué in a private meeting.

Shakira’s team will try to make sure Sia Marti doesn’t travel to America and enjoy her time with Gerard, Milan and Sasha as a target of the protectors (businessman).”Cite sources close to the former partner in dispute.

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