Southwest Airlines: More than 1,500 flights were delayed after takeoffs were halted due to technical problems

dallas Southwest Airlines planes were unable to take off in the US this morning due to an intermittent technical problem, which has caused more than 1,500 delays, just four months after the airline collapsed over Christmas.

Southwest and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have reported that they have already cleared the planes to take off.

Southwest has resumed operations after temporarily suspending flight activity this morning to address data connectivity issues that were caused by a failure of FirewallThe airline said in a press release. Early this morning, A Firewall Your provider has stopped working and has lost connection to some operational data unexpectedly. “


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This morning Southwest accounted for more than half of all delays nationwide, but the airline has canceled fewer than a dozen flights, according to FlightAware.

Several users commented on Twitter about the situation, to which the airline responded with an apology.

“Technical errors are unexpected and annoying to everyone, and we sincerely apologize.”Southwest told a Twitter user.

In December, Southwest canceled nearly 17,000 flights over the Christmas holiday due to inclement weather and overrunning its crew scheduling system. These cancellations cost the airline more than $1 billion and are being investigated by the Department of Transportation.

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