What will happen in the struggle to qualify in Litom?

In the Dominican League’s winter baseball, semifinals, there are only three round robin dates, and each team has 3 games.

Both teams have an encouraging outlook to advance to the final series, which will be 7-4 this year. Gigantes del Cibao and Estrellas Orientales topped the table with a 9-6 record, with an inner path to that end. What can happen:

– The Giants host Lycee today, and if they win they will advance to the finals. The Giants have two more games to play, one against this Sunday. Monday against the stars and another against the eagles. The game will take place in San Francisco at 5:00 p.m.

– The stars are in the same situation as the Giants, looking for a tenth win, but it depends on how Lycy goes. This Saturday at 7:30 pm the Greens hosts the Eagles; Against the Giants on Sunday and Monday vs. Lycee in Santo Domingo.

– El Lysie, in third place with 7-8, has a real chance to hunt down giants or stars. There are 3 more games left, but he can’t stand defeat. If they lose against the Giants this Saturday, it remains to be seen whether the stars will win or lose. Eagles. Lacy goes to Santiago on Sunday and on Monday she gets the stars.

Today the Giants and Stars have only one chance to eliminate Lycee if they win.

– The Eagles were knocked out at 5-10 on Friday night with a painful 8-2 defeat to Lycee. They have nothing to look for, just make plans for next October.

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According to the Covid protocol, public health allows 50% in Santo Domingo, Santiago and San Francisco de Magoris and 60% in San Pedro.

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