Know 5 reasons to promote science from school

Lime.- The pandemic has made us value the importance of science as a pillar in the well-being of humanity. Advances in this field, for example with vaccines, have been necessary to better recover from the crisis and to address other global challenges such as poverty, inequality and climate change.

“As we humans grow, the world and technology advance more and more and we need to be prepared from an early age to excel. Learning science is learning to think, question, solve problems and make informed decisions. These skills are an integral part of all aspects of education and the life of a student, from elementary school to postgraduate level”, mentions Raúl Diaz Miranda, founder of Bioliceo, the first virtual school specialized in science and part of the StartUPC portfolio. .

At Bioliceo (, anyone, especially young people, can learn science from scratch, thanks to the courses they teach with accredited professionals with extensive experience in science at the Latin American level. Everyone can advance at their own pace, as if they were watching their favorite series.

“Having a strong background in science positions a student to do well in life. They can quickly return to other fields of study or work using basic skills related to science”, points out Raúl Díaz and shares some reasons to promote science from an early age:

  1. Improve critical thinking: Scientific concepts usually begin with an idea followed by an experiment to substantiate that idea through technical methods and analysis. The scientific method dictates a logical way of approaching unfamiliar topics, ensuring that students can learn to relate theoretical and practical work. Like gas for a stove, science is the fuel that accelerates young minds to peak performance.
  2. Cultivate a passion for learning: The thrill of discovering why the sun sets in the east, why the sky is blue, how fish breathe water, and other remarkable everyday sights is naturally fascinating. Science feeds the natural curiosity that makes students tick and encourages them to explore the mysteries observable everywhere.
  3. Science elevates many disciplines: In order for one to understand science, one needs a solid understanding of other essential areas of study. For example:
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● Knowledge of mathematical concepts is a useful fundamental prerequisite for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

● The scientific method is based on technical skills, such as careful observation of the world around us and the ability to conduct highly controlled experiments.

● The presentation of results in scientific reports teaches the values ​​of objectivity and thoroughness.

  1. It’s the future: It’s hard to think of an aspect of life that isn’t supported by science to some degree. It is an integral part of various fields, from agriculture to hi-tech and everything in between. The next generation deserves a solid science education to help prepare them for what lies ahead. In a world where new scientific breakthroughs emerge seemingly by the hour, a science background ensures that students are not left behind by the ever-changing tides of the technological wave.
  2. Generate long-term opportunities: Ultimately, one of the main reasons kids go to school is to get a job, and a good one at that. Through the enhancement of logic and math based skills, children with scientific backgrounds have tremendous opportunities before them. Science learning opportunities span careers both within scientific fields and outside of science, extending into fields such as business, engineering, information technology, and health care.

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