First Colombian astronaut to travel to space, Giovanna Ramírez

Recently an analog astronaut Giovanna Estefania Ramirez Ruiz pHe presented his conference “Space World and Technology of the Future” at the University of Santander (UDES), and there he told his life story.

Ramirez Ruiz is a 27-year-old pilot, electronic engineer, master’s degree in development and integrated project management. Her passion for science has taken her so far, that she is very close to becoming the first Colombian to travel to space.

Since she was young, she has been interested in science, she remembers that since school she never missed the opportunity to participate in robotics competitions. Her love for technology led her to become an electronic engineer.

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Later, he conducts an academic exchange with Japan, participating in the construction of a satellite to be launched into space. This experience made him think of a new personal challenge. “I don’t just want to launch space technology, I want to go to space, I thought at the time. This is where my career was born to prepare me as an astronaut.”

To realize the dream of going into space, Ramirez five years ago began his training in countries such as Poland, Japan, Mexico and the United States. As a representative astronaut, the stage before going into space, you have learned to adapt to the conditions you will experience outside of Earth. He commented, “I have been grooming myself underwater, with solitude and physical and psychological training.”

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