What was there before the Big Bang? This is what scientists say

Although it is a mathematical problem, science has decided “what was before the big bang”. These are hypotheses.

The The big bang theory is a highly recognized scheme The origin of the universe. According to this model, space was compressed, smaller, denser, and hotter. In these conditions, the former is customary 13.8 billion yearsAll the elements that make up who we are confirm Space.com. Nevertheless, scientific interest goes back even further and is surprising What was there before the big bang?.

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To those who know the subject, it may seem implausible to be transported into the past by a major event that has given rise to questions. The origin of the universe, as it is now known. The reason is understandable: according to this idea, all the elements of the universe were condensed in the body at a temperature of more than a quadrillion degrees. No bigger than the size of a peach.

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However, there are a few hypotheses that would like to be clarified What was there before the big bang?. However, expect them to be a challenge to physics Place Just a quote. This matter has its complexity Math seems “abandoned”. In this quest. On the contrary, The reality was otherwise. Here we say.

The Big Bang Postulates

In a recent interview that National Geography in Spanish With Dr. Vladimir Ávila-Rees, researcher at the Astronomy Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the expert explained, in three points, Key Postulates of the Big Bang Theory. These are:

  1. There are no privileged points in the universeThe properties of space-time and the physical properties of matter and energy are the same on average at any position and direction.
  2. The universe is not static. From the primordial term called unity, it has been in motion as a whole, expanding or contracting, depending on its material and energy content.
  3. The properties of matter and energy change By expansion, everything in the past was closer, denser, hotter, and more energetic.
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What was there before the Big Bang?

ecpyrotic universe

A first proposal comes from ecpyrotic universe. This cosmological model of the origin and structure of the universe is being developed by advances in the field. String theory.

In this type of betting situation, The Big Bang is nothing but the result of a very large process. Basically, here it is said universe It evolves Evolutionary cycles That is repeated again and again, creating the existence of this idea parallel universes.

The main problem with this hypothesis lies in its grandiose relationship String theory, which is not fully recognized by the scientific community. Many ideas inspired by the above theory are still under debate, for example, Many dimensionsbranes and orbivariety.

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Regardless of what is explained An ekprotic universe is not completely ruled out. In 2020, A Article From a study by physicists Robert Brandenberger and Xie Wang from McGill University in Canada. They found the opposite. There is much more to be explored on this issue., before rejecting the hypothesis. Thank you very much indeed, when universe Shrinks to an incredibly small point and returns to a position big bangEverything can be sorted to support a more detailed review.

Stephen Hawking explanation

Stephen HawkingOne of the most brilliant scientists of recent times had an idea contrary to opinion ecpyrotic universe. His position is a project American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson asked him a big question: What was there before the big bang?

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What was there before the Big Bang?
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According to HawkingIn the moments before the Big Bang, There was a singularityThat is, the moment when all the laws of physics do not apply.

“I adopt Euclidean approach To describe (three-dimensional) quantum gravity The beginning of the universe“, explained the scientist project. In Euclidean description, The history of the universe in imaginary time is a curved surface in the fourth dimensionLike the surface of the Earth but with two extra dimensions”.

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