What to do if your Xiaomi phone is banned in Cuba?

After the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has started banning its mobile phones located in CubaCuban users flock to the shops in search of solutions.

For days, smartphone owners in countries where the company does not allow exports, including Cuba, began receiving the message “This device is blocked,” making it impossible for them to use it.

Programmer and YouTuber Erich J. García Cruz made his recommendations to the owners of these mobile phones on the island, who first suggested that they be patient and not throw away the phone.

According to Garcia Cruz, to get their phones working again, users only have to perform five actions:

1. Do not update the system.

2. Install a firewall and prevent system update.

3. Verify that the mobile is global and not regional.

4. Go to a workshop to unlock the bootloader.

5. Consider the global custom ROM.

Similarly, the young expert warns that when you open the bootloader, all data on the cell phone will be lost, so all information must be saved first.

In a video recorded on his YouTube account, García Cruz asked someone to bring a locked Xiaomi phone to record a video showing how to unlock it directly.

“Do you have a solution? Yes. Does it cost money? Yes. Where can I do it? In the cell phone workshops in the description of this video,” he stressed.

The programmer also emphasized the verification in phones of the so-called Mi account, which is the profile that Xiaomi provides to the mobile phone owner to access various services in the cloud.

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If you have a Xiaomi, check that your Mi account, your Xiaomi account or all security issues are in your name, made by you, configured by you. You can see this in Settings, Mi Account, and verify that the user has done so. If you don’t, you’re on board, because then you bought a Xiaomi phone with someone else’s Mi account, and the day that phone gets the OS, what do you want to flash again, it will ask for my account and there’s a problem.”

Finally, for those people whose cell phones are not locked, suggest that they take the same steps to prevent this from happening to them.

Xiaomi is at this time the second most used mobile phone brand in Cuba, only surpassed by Samsung. According to the access data Cybercopa In the last 30 days, with a total of 736 thousand users accessing our content from the island, 107,408 users are doing so using this type of mobile phone.

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