FMLN says capturing former officers is a “political manhunt.”

This is how FMLN General Secretary Oscar Artis responded to the capture of nine former officials of the Salvador Sanchez government.

FMLN captured nine former officials of the government of Salvador Sanchez Ser செn, among them former Justice and Defense Minister Mauricio Ramirez Landavarde described last Thursday as a “political manhunt”.

“This is part of a nation’s anti-government and anti-tax campaign that rejects tax hunts such as hate, smear, attack on critical voices, hostility, dictatorship and bitcoin, irregularities, lack of transparency and corruption in the ruling party,” said Oscar Ortiz, FMLN general secretary.

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The prosecutor’s office has ordered the arrest of Ramres Landavarde, former deputy minister Raul Antonio Lopez; The director of the Penal Centers, Marco Tulio Lima, and six former officials co-managed a voluntary charity called Assocombio for allegations of fraud, arbitrary actions, bribery and ideological falsehoods. , And they would have diverted them for their own benefit, the prosecutor’s office said.

The FMLN deputy, Anabelle Belloso, defended the fact that Assochambio was created under the previous administration to order prison shops, all done under the law and under the auspices of the international community. He said the arrests were “an attempt to create distractions so that the people do not continue to question the conduct of the current government”, adding that there was no business in making its operations transparent or in investigating officials accused of corruption. .

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