Ecuador Football Federation President Conmepol asked “Do not consider participating in international events” Football | Sports

In a letter, Francisco Igas contacted the governing body of South American football, saying the referees “refuse to accept leadership” in LigaPro.

Francisco Igas Lorestegui, president of the Ecuadorian Federation of Football Associations (FEF), has asked Conmepol not to consider the “participation in international events” of first-class referees of national football. The strike blocked the relevant day of the domestic league this weekend due to non-payment.

In a letter to General Secretary and chairman of the South American Football Confederation’s Arbitration Board, Jose Astigarkaraka and Wilson Senem on Friday, Eagas contacted: A and B of Ecuador Football have decided to suspend their refereeing proceedings. LigaPro refuses to run championship matches, In both series “.

The letter continues: “As a result, we request that you do not consider your participation (role of arbitrators) in international events as long as this actual action continues. Including nominations for the 2022 FIFA International Arbitration List.

The document, signed by the head of the FEF, was copied to the Professional League led by Miguel Angel Lure and to the National Arbitration Commission headed by Roger Zambrano.

The match of the second round of Serie A was scheduled to start on Friday night at 7 p.m. Although Técnico Universitario and Manta FC appeared at the Bellavista Stadium in Ambato, the match did not take place due to the absence of referees who had already expected that they would not whistle. The Commissioner of Sports, Juan Carlos Pico, was responsible for complying with the protocol.

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This Saturday, in the first game of the table (15:00), a similar situation occurred at 9D Mayo Stadium, Machala, with the city of Orens-Guayaquil. Teflon-Ax meetings (17:30) and October 9-McCarthy (20:00) are also scheduled for this day.

Referee union demands full payment of four months loan (May, June, July and August) for its services in Ecuador competition.

Citing economic reasons for non-payment, Lycapro said it would pay the arbitrators some $ 200,000, but this was not accepted by the opposition.

Letter from Egas to Conmepol on Ecuadorian Arbitrators. Photo: Courtesy

In the league offer, Lure described on social media: “That way they would be paid almost 50% of their annual income, and 30% of the games they play would not be available. Unfortunately they did not accept. Clarifying whether the duties received with them will be re-appointed or not. (D)

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