What Klaus Iohannis says about the US presidential election

In the context of the presidential election in the United States, President Klaus Ionis announced on Tuesday that Romania’s relationship with the United States is “a fundamental pillar of our foreign policy and security, deepening and expanding strategic cooperation.” He says the United States supports “permanent development of relations with Romania at all levels, regardless of political color.”

“We are just a few hours away from discovering the first results of the US presidential election, a geopolitical moment. From Romania’s point of view, the relationship with the United States is fundamental. Has permanently supported relations with Romania at all levels, regardless of color.

Especially in recent years, we have made significant progress and concrete improvements in many dimensions of our common federalism, and during our visit to Washington in 2019, these dimensions have been expanded and enriched with new areas such as security. 5G networks and the public nuclear field.

Awareness of the strategic importance of the Black Sea in both the United States and NATO on political-military and security cooperation has increased significantly, and we have developed a common Romanian-American vision in this area. This laid the foundation for further enhancing the US military presence in Romania, as a guarantee of security in the face of complex challenges in the region.

Significant progress has been made in economic and energy cooperation, as well as civilian nuclear cooperation. As you know, a contract was launched last month with the aim of developing concrete projects at the Cernavoda power station.

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With a view to actively pursuing Romania’s entry into the visa waiver program, the US side promised to pay special attention to making concrete progress in this area.

All of these decisions speak for themselves about the strength of the Romania-United States relationship, and I will continue to be directly involved in strengthening and expanding the strategic partnership with the United States. “

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