What is the UIS Science and Life Park in Bucaramanga?

In October 2022, the implementation of the expansion and modernization project of the UIS Faculty of Health, located next to the Santander University Hospital facilities, began.

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This research and training complex for future health professionals consists of seven levels, corresponding to two parking spaces and five floors.

The massive building will operate 53 laboratories, 12 classrooms, four offices, six study centres, a library, an auditorium, computer rooms and a gym.

There, among others, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, nutritionists and microbiologists will be trained. We will also seek to expand the educational offer of undergraduate and postgraduate programs related to the field of health.

How is the business progressing?

In this regard, UIS President Hernan Porras stated that regarding the progress of the work, “We are approximately 62% complete. The project was expected to be completed in March 2025 but we are doing our best to see if we can finish it this year.” .

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The head of the foundation indicated that the initial project was thought about with a built-up area of ​​about 27,000 square meters, to which another 7,000 meters would be added, so that the building would be at the same height as other buildings built in the Alma Mater. . .

“We ask President Gustavo Pietro to help us address the resources lost to complete the project 100% and to later also help us determine the value of the furniture and the technology required to put it into service,” Boras Díaz said.

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It must be remembered that the initial investment for the project was $117,805 million, with contributions from the national government, the Santander government and resources from the university.

In turn, EnTerritorio Director, Lina Barrera, expressed, “This project has become a reality today. What we seek through this work is to coordinate the sector and provide an enjoyable environment for training both teachers, students and other people. “Betting on education contributes to regional and national development.”

A milestone in construction at Santander

The Rector of UIS highlighted that in the process of constructing the work, BIM technology was used which uses 3D digital tools through which the building construction process can be verified in real time.

“The advantage we noticed is that teachers and construction operators do not deal with blueprints, but with tablets on which the structure is designed and the construction can be monitored in detail,” the rector said.

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As for the architectural design, its director was the prominent architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, who envisioned the upper part of the building to have metal structures, shaped like a crown, that would mimic the peaks of an electrocardiogram and be observed from anywhere. a point.

University club

In this sense, UIS President Hernan Porras said that when the infrastructure is ready, it will be like a park or a university club where students train in person or virtually, yet they prefer to acquire knowledge.

“It will be a modern space in which the student looks at the teacher as an advisory friend. The student will seek self-learning and require more open spaces and freedom to learn. Our faculty aims for this model in which the student goes to the classroom or communicates remotely,” said Rector Boras. The learning process progresses according to the method they specify.”

In addition, this building will facilitate the Academy's interaction with Santander University Hospital in order to continue saving the lives of those who visit this healthcare centre.

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