What is the scientific basis for what happens in the Netflix series?

–This article contains spoilers for “The Three-Body Problem”–

the Sci-fi As a fictional genre, it always involves a dialogue between the two concepts that make up its name: The real and the imagined. Although the latter seeks in Speculation And the creation of worlds or technologies, must depend on a Scientific basis Which keeps him clinging to the boundaries without which he would enter the terrain Extravagant.

Body problem 3 a novel Liu Cixin Which adapts the series Netflix By order David Benioff, DB Weiss (game of thrones) And Alexander Wu (terrorism), It follows the dictates of hard science fiction. stops at Scientific aspects that support their proposals, Trying not to stray too far from what is possible in terms of technological progress and knowledge… without abandoning imagination in some aspects more than others.

How much knowledge is there in it? Body problem 3? We'll try to uncover and delve into the science behind some of the most striking elements of the Netflix series Spoilers for the entire first season.

What does the three-body problem mean?

Liu Cichin called the first novel in this trilogy a “classic problem.” celestial mechanics, Study the movements of astronomical objects Gravity effects. Although it is possible with Newton's law of universal gravitation to accurately predict the Earth's motion around the Sun, when three (or more) celestial bodies exert force on each other at the same time it becomes complicated and their orbits become chaotic.

Tresolarians against the law of gravity
Tresolarians against the law of gravity

That's the problem San Te, extraterrestrial species Body problem 3 Which is heading to colonize the Earth. As the human heroes learn as they overcome highly advanced virtual reality video game levels, the Santi-Ti civilization is destined for cyclical extinction due to the uninhabitability of their home planet, which is located in a three-sun system.

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Different interaction Gravitational forces These three stars are very difficult to pin down or predict (we are still deciding Which of the last 12,000 solutions is the most appropriate), Hence the gravitational chaos that causes every series of disasters on the people of the Trisulari soon after they were able to thrive during the Age of Stability: drought, frost, burning, and even explosion. Hence the solution was adopted: Migrating to another better planet.

Where does the countdown that Auggie sees come from?

At the beginning Body problem 3 We found out The international scientific community has been shaken by a series of suicides One of their most brilliant minds and somehow, the phenomenon seems to be linked to a kind of countdown that drives those who see it to despair and madness. Augie Salazar, a brilliant expert in nanotechnology eiza gonzalez, And he begins to realize it in his field of vision.

Countdown is on
Countdown in “The Three Body Problem”

He soon feels that the countdown represents a point of no return in his pioneering research into nanofibers, a technology so advanced that it could lead to the destruction of the planet. or better, That's what NT wants me to believe, Since its purpose is to stop humanity's technological progress in order to easily overpower us when they arrive on Earth 400 years later. Hence, they drove the scientific community crazy and changed its certainties.

This is all very well, but how did they do it? This is where one of the sci-fi stars that Cixin has up his sleeve comes into play without going into much explanation: Sophons. We'll explain it later, but when it comes to Auggie's countdown, it's meant to be Optical illusion resulting from the rapid movement of the sophon, At the speed of light, creating those numbers that only they can see.

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Need a deeper explanation? On Netflix itself, they turned to physics professor Dr. matt kinsey, to Endoscopy That what's happening in Auggie's eyes is kind of… Cherenkov radiation in the aqueous humor of the eye: When the sophon passes at high speed, its electromagnetic radiation will form a front of shock waves inside the eyes which can be interpreted as the counting down numbers seen by the protagonist.

What is sophon? How do siphons work?

Well, we have arrived at the most amazing (or rather advanced) item in the catalogue The problem of bodies 3. According to the artificial intelligence that San-Ti humans communicate with within the VR game, Trisolarian technology has been able to create Proton-sized supercomputers.

frame of
Frame from the “Three Body Problem”

how? It sounds quite complicated: it consists of Spread the proton into different layers beyond three dimensions Even expanding it to a planetary size where a powerful computer is placed, folding everything back to its original subatomic size and sending it to Earth to serve as a functioning device. Spy machine Completely imperceptible.

a task Multidimensional origami (It's a bit like having a paper fortune teller that you can expand to the size of a circus tent and then fold it back up in your hand) which even the Trisolarians have only been able to do a limited number of times: they have two emitting sophons that they send out able to move from side to side At the speed of light, two sophons are received.

Do nanofibers exist?

Although Oji's own research led to the emergence of nanotechnology Body problem 3 He has reached a stage even more advanced than his current one (with terrifying results, as can be seen in Episode 5), Nanofiber manufacturing has boomed for decades.

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It is considered one of the materials of the future. With various developments in the fields Biomedicine, tissue engineering, construction, automotive, aerospace, and even cosmetics.

Of course, it is small in size. billionth of a metre) As you can imagine, it's a big challenge when it comes to manufacturing them and scaling them up, but it's a big challenge The field of industrial research is constantly evolving. It is unstoppable like a ship moving through the Panama Canal.

Ship from
The ship from the “three body problem”

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