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For every evil… Ginger? This spice is often consumed in many home remedies for its potential health benefits, such as its effects on the stomach; However, in excess It can lead to the opposite.

Ginger is a spicy-flavored tuber often used in cooking Flavor of some dishes. Like turmeric, this ingredient is consumed whole, in powder form and even in infusions.

There are those who claim that consuming ginger, especially in tea form, has some benefits for the stomach. It can also damage the digestive system.We tell you about some of its effects.

What are the effects of ginger on the digestive system?

According to the portal WebMDGinger is a rich root Essential antioxidants For the body, minerals and vitamins.

Although there are those who claim that ginger, in its various forms, can aid in weight loss. However, there are no studies indicating the presence of this component It has slimming properties For the living organism.

This root is commonly consumed in tea form to treat discomfort caused by diseases such as Flu and cold. And also to treat symptoms related to the digestive system.

We leave you a list of how Stomach and digestive system They may interact with ginger consumption.

Help with chronic indigestion

according to Healthlinea portal specializing in health issues, moderate consumption of ginger can help treat them Chronic indigestionIt is a condition that causes discomfort in the abdominal area of ​​the body.

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This is because spices help speed up the digestion process. However, more studies are still needed Determine its scope.

Relieves nausea

The Cleveland Clinic notes that Nausea is a group of symptoms Which occurs when there is some kind of stomach problem.

The Johns Hopkins Health Center website confirms that ginger is one of the active ingredients Relieve nausea and prevent vomiting.

Helps with stomach upset

Mount Sinai Medical Centers confirms on its website that ginger is one of the ingredients used in its various treatments to treat some people Producing pain in the stomach And even speed up the digestion process.


Rebound, according to Mayo ClinicIt is a condition in which stomach acid increases It frequently travels into the esophagus This hurts him.

Healthline Reviews indicate that one of the side effects experienced by people who consume a lot of ginger tea may be reflux.


Although the Mount Sinai platform ensures that people who consume too much ginger can suffer from it Stomach problems such as diarrhea.

Burning mouth

Although it doesn’t seem like it, The mouth is part of the digestive system Because it is the way the body gets food into the body.

location WebMD He confirms that excessive consumption of ginger can cause Burning sensation In the mouth.


Although ginger is a spice whose moderate consumption can help avoid stomach pain, it… WebMD Add that to the excess tuber It can cause pain In the part where the stomach is located.

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How to take ginger for the stomach?

Ginger is still considered one of the most popular ingredients in home remedies It is recommended to try to consume it in moderation.Whether in its roots, powder, or even in the form of an infusion.

Gate WebMD He points out that eating more than five grams of ginger daily can increase the body’s chances of developing side effects. That’s why the University of California (UCLA) recommends taking it Between 3 to 4 grams daily.

In the case of ginger tea, Healthline He explains that it is better to keep consumption to Less than four cups a day.

In these ways you can benefit Positive effects of gingerIt is for the stomach and prevents it from harming the digestive system.

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