Film and science conferences return to Iliana

This week begins the 2023/2024 edition of the Iliana Cinema and Science Conferences, a scientific publishing programme, launched last year, that aims to communicate the importance of science to citizens through the seventh art, with a film screening every three months and its subsequent symposium between October and May.

Thus, on Friday the 20th itself, the first session will begin with “When Danger is Over Our Heads”, where the effects of the fall of asteroids and other smaller objects on Earth will be addressed, with references to films such as “Meteor”, “Armageddon” or “Don’t Look Up “. It will include interventions by Jesús Navarro and Pedro Ures and will be presented by Daniel Ramón.

Looking forward to next year, the program will continue with “Alcohol Disease” on February 16, in which Consuelo Gheri will also participate, and in May it will conclude with “Are we heading towards complete desertification?” With Patricio Garcia Fayos. All appointments will be at 7pm at Nou Espai at the Socio-Cultural Center with free entry until capacity is reached.

Culture Advisor Eva Santa Fe stated that the City Council seeks, through these meetings, to awaken interest in the scientific world of Elianeros, and that the effective method is through cinema, which has a large following in the city.

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