What is the difference between deleting and uninstalling an app on iPhone?

Uninstalling an app instead of deleting it can be a great way to save space on our iPhone.

Uninstall an app instead of deleting it, which is a perfect resource to save space on our iPhone.

We are going to explain What is the difference between deleting and uninstalling the app on iPhone. Because it is not the same. There are many ways to save storage space on our iPhone and one of them specifically is, Uninstall an app instead of removing it Our entire device with the ability to reinstall it with just one touch.

The app takes up space on our iPhone in two completely different ways. On the one hand, the application space itself On the other hand, The content we store in it. So, when we uninstall an app from our iPhone, we don’t lose its data, but we lose it We are freeing up the storage space occupied by that particular app on our devices. Whether it’s an iPhone or an iPad.

Uninstalling an app instead of deleting it: a resource that can save us space on our iPhone

There are many ways to save space on our iPhone, but sometimes it is possible, Delete the data that we want to keep, such as those that store some applications. For this reason, we do not need to delete it, instead, We can uninstall them. For this, we will have to follow The next steps we show you below:

  1. We open the application settings on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We play in the section general.
  3. We came iPhone storage.
  4. We are looking for the application that we want to uninstall and enter it.
  5. We play in it Uninstall the app.

If you followed the steps successfully The app will be uninstalled from your iPhone or iPad without losing any dataBecause it will continue to be stored. The proof that the operation was done correctly is that if the answer is yes it will appear next to the name of the application that we uninstalled Cloud icon with an arrow pointing down.

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If we touch this app icon, It will reinstall on your iPhone or iPad if you want it again. So, Uninstalling and removing an app is not the same. Although if we want to save more space the second option is more efficient, by doing the first you can also free up space for other items.

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