Get to know Dayanara Torres’ modest, yet comfortable home in Miami: The former Miss Universe only displays her crown in a glass cube and her books, unlike the designer brands worn by Marc Anthony’s new wife | People | Entertainment

If Nadia Ferreira, the wife of Marc Anthony, shows the luxury room where her eldest son rests, Dayanara Torres, the ex-partner of the salsa singer, can also share a cozy place where they share family moments in their new home in Miami. But no fuss or weirdness.

The co-host of the Univision program “El Corto y la Flaca” has been collaborating with entertainment for several months, which is why he had to settle in that city in the United States, although he always goes to his hometown of Puerto Rico. She can.

The former Miss Universe 1993 already has her own corner in Miami, and last July she did not hesitate to trust the artist and designer Catherine Fernandez to renovate the living room of her new home. Space.

Fernandez, who specializes in improving spaces, responded to a Puerto Rican’s call to make the most of the main wall of a small room in his home, Dayanara Torres, a spacious furniture-only area. L-shaped in lead gray, but with a modern dining room that seats six.

“My new home is missing that wow factor,” Marc Anthony’s first wife wrote in her July 6 post showing a before-and-after video of the closet detailing renovation.

In the post, Dayanara Torres wonders how she found the living room of her home, where the Cuban designer has combined several pieces of furniture with multiple partitions on the main wall next to a large television screen.

In this space, dominated by white walls and a large window with a modern blind, Fernández chose to create several boxes for the 48-year-old model and presenter to order the books she stored in 37 boxes.

Dayanara Torres is enjoying a comfortable place in Miami where she currently resides. Photo: Instagram @dayanarapr.

Among them, a special place was set for the Miss Universe crown and the saree she received in 1993 when she became the most beautiful woman on the planet.

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“That main wall was completely blank, nothing to say. Cathy came in and I explained to her about my living room, my lack of storage, and most importantly, my passion for reading. She immediately took out her tape measure and began to measure and draw what I see today as a work of art”. Torres reflected on the change, thanking the “excellent talent” of those who knew how to take advantage of the area.

Dayanara also took advantage of this opportunity to try as a designer who came to America with a dream, goals to achieve and a desire to progress. “Kathy, you are a great inspiration and I admire you with all my heart,” she said of the closet remodeling experts for artists such as Kimberly Loisa, Kerley Ruiz, Adamari Lopez, Alicia Machado. (and)

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